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Leadership Engagement Philosophy

Leadership Engagement Philosophy

The Leaders With Whom We Engage

Identify indigenous leaders engaged in ministry

Leader characteristics for which we look:

  • active in the calling
  • passionate about calling
  • teachable or moldable leaders
  • faithful (reliable, proven)
  • Spirit-led
  • grace oriented
  • openness or adaptability in ministry

We identify where God is at work and focus our efforts there – with emphasis on the “10-40 window” areas and spiritually needy areas among least reached or unreached people groups.

The Philosophy With Which We Engage

The teachers and trainers of IMD International are itinerate – working with indigenous leaders to help them accomplish their mission and vision.

  • We focus on accelerating kingdom growth.
  • We emphasize building of leaders, not organizations (not buildings, not hierarchies).
  • We stress a significant return to Biblical philosophy, authority, and sufficiency.

The Resources We Bring To The Engagement

Leadership Engagement

Experienced, proven, Spirit-led teachers and trainers

  • Counsel, encouragement, and referrals
  • Caring, Spirit-filled relationships in a network with mentors and co-laborers
  • Biblically oriented and Spirit-driven printed resources
  • Income generation projects and (on occasion, direct financial support)

The Outcome of Our Engagement

Stronger, more Biblically oriented, Spirit led leadership

  • Enhancement in the development of the next generation of ministry leaders
  • A worldwide network of ministry partners
  • Faith expressions that correspond to those of the Bible
  • Production of Antioch-type churches and ministries
  • Connect teachers and trainers in the USA with international ministry leaders

From an IMD Donor:

I am pleased to give to the ministry of Koos Basson through IMD because I have personally been on numerous trips to African countries with Koos and have seen firsthand the quality of his ministry. IMD is meeting a strategic need of providing training to pastors and church leaders in countries where they do not have the opportunity to access higher training.


"Highly recommend the message of this book!" Phil Largent
"I readily admit that it verges on the impossible to describe in any degree of adequacy the conscious, manifest presence of God... The best I possibly can hope is to put forth my personal experience backed up by Scriptural exhortation. My part is only to whet the appetite and then trust the Holy Spirit to take it from there." (p.25)