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Leadership Development Axioms

  • All to maturity and some to leadership
  • Workers will come from the harvest
  • Utilize church-based education/training
  • U.S.S. Guidance-U.nique S.olution S.trategy, God’s ship of guidance
  • Begin training now for leaders needed in the future

From an IMD Donor:

It has been a privilege to support IMD International for the last 15 years. God has called them to go to the far reaches of the world to teach His word, to train up leaders, to translate the Bible into languages I did not know exited. Seeing this ministry making an impact in the world changes us, as they grow in assignments we get to watch God at work and know we are making a difference. That is our blessing.


"Highly recommend the message of this book!" Phil Largent
"I readily admit that it verges on the impossible to describe in any degree of adequacy the conscious, manifest presence of God... The best I possibly can hope is to put forth my personal experience backed up by Scriptural exhortation. My part is only to whet the appetite and then trust the Holy Spirit to take it from there." (p.25)