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Current Training Subjects

Teaching Series:
Approximately 8 Hours

Hearing From God 

“Discerning What God is Saying”

  • Unit #1 Foundations
    Three Overarching Principles
    Two Reasons WHY Hearing from God is Critical
  • Unit #2 Seven Conditions (Prerequisites) to Hearing From God
    First Hearing From God Exercise
  • Unit #3 Seven Means of God Speaking to His Children
  • Unit #4 Three Spiritual Factors to Consider in Discerning God’s Direction
    Second Hearing from God Exercise
  • Unit #5 What Will We Hear From God?
    He will Reveal More of Himself
    He will Reveal His Purposes
    He will Reveal His Ways
  • Unit #6 Following God’s Direction
    Three Things God Reveals in Order for Us to Follow Him
    Third Hearing From God Exercise
  • Unit #7 Seven Things that Will Nullify God’s Word
  • Unit #8 Six Responses to Hearing From God
    Fourth Hearing From God Exercise


Multiplying Spiritual Leaders

“Building your legacy beginning Now”

  • Unit #1 Multiplying Spiritual Leaders’ Model
    Model & Illustration
    Characteristics of Each Group of Disciples
  • Unit #2 Eight Character Traits of a Multiplying Spiritual Leader
  • Unit #3 Eight Actions of a Multiplying Spiritual Leader
  • Unit #4 Prayer and Intercession of a Multiplying Spiritual Leader
  • Unit #5 Impact of a Multiplying Spiritual Leader
  • Unit #6 ‘Inner’ Development of a Multiplying Spiritual Leader
  • Unit #7 An Unstoppable Multiplying Spiritual Leader

Supplemental Units:

  • Three Kinds of Fruit
  • Stages of Development (diagram)
  • 21 Teaching Approaches of Jesus
  • 21 Reasons to Keep a Spiritual Journal
  • Trials and Temptations Experienced by Leaders
  • Four Methods of Development
  • ABCs of Spiritual Leadership


Let’s Follow God

“God will lead - you can follow God’s lead”

  • Unit #1 Introduction & Three Foundational Truths
  • Unit #2 Seven Characteristics of One God Can Lead
  • Unit #3 Seek God in Prayer - & - Prayer and Fasting
  • Unit #4 Following God’s Lead
    Study Example in Genesis 24
  • Unit #5 Three Factors In Discerning God’s Direction
  • Unit #6 What God Reveals So We Can Follow Him
  • Unit #7 Doing What God Reveals


Stand Alone Teachings: 

Approximately 60 to 90 Minutes

  • 21 Reasons to Keep a Spiritual Journal
    Complete with dynamic example
  • God’s Word and Our Maturity
    Answers the Questions:
    What is a practical understanding of God’s Word?
    How can I measure or evaluate my maturity using God’s Word?
  • Sinning - Its Reality and Our Victory
    Answers the Questions:
    Where does sin come from in my life?
    How can I practice a victory over sins?
  • Respecting God as God
    Answers the Questions:
    What does my God look like?
    How can I practice God’s presence?
  • God Delivers His Faithful Ones
    Answers the Question:
    In what ways does God deliver His faithful?
  • 21 Teaching Approaches of Jesus
  • Three Foundational Truths to Following God’s Lead
  • Seven Characteristics of One God Can Lead
  • Active Trust in God
    Answers the Question:
    What does trusting God look like?
  • Impact of a Multiplying Spiritual Leader
    Answers the Question:
    What determines the impact of my life?


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From an IMD Donor:

I enthusiastically endorse IMD’s work in Africa spearheaded by Koos Basson. We have supported IMD since September 2005 when my pastor and I were with Koos & Phil in Kenya to teach disciple-making. We had quite an adventure and I have wonderful memories of our time together. I bonded with one particular pastor in Kenya and have stayed in touch with him via e-mail and supported them with prayer during the challenges they have faced. My goal is to return with my son to Africa for a mission trip before he graduates from high school.


"Highly recommend the message of this book!" Phil Largent
"I readily admit that it verges on the impossible to describe in any degree of adequacy the conscious, manifest presence of God... The best I possibly can hope is to put forth my personal experience backed up by Scriptural exhortation. My part is only to whet the appetite and then trust the Holy Spirit to take it from there." (p.25)