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Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches  

Since starting in May 2002, our field of operation is the Northern Province of Zambia,where we have planted churches and done numerous leadership and congregational training events. This is a tremendously needy area. The people, especially in the rural areas lack education, practice polygamy, marrying girls as young as 13 years old. Animism and witchcraft are spiritual strongholds, along with nominalism in existing churches many of which having syncretistic tendencies. 

Vision: Our vision for Zambia has become a reality, in that we have identified our faithful man, Pastor Henry Katontoka (Disciple Making Ministries), in Mpika in the Northern Province of Zambia. For more than seven years, we have helped to equip Henry and his leaders to run ministries and have come alongside them in their vision of reaching their surrounding areas. 

By God’s grace, the work in Zambia has been very successful. We have systematically worked our way from Muwele, further north and east over the last three years, establishing churches and training leaders in the Chiundoponde area, moving from there into and around the Bangweulu swamps and east to Nabwalya at the foot of the Muchinga escarpment. Nabwalya is situated between North and South Luangwa game parks. 

In November 2005 we went to the Puta in the Luapula province on the shores of Lake Mweru and planted two churches during this time. The leaders attended our mini-bible in October 2006 and are under the oversight of Pastor AchimChali, from Kawamba.

The work expanded to engage the Pygmies and an initial visit was made to their villiage on the Congo border in 2012 (see Congo link)

Pastor Henry Katonotoka now has his own vehicle and motor bike and is continuing strongly with the work from his local church in Mpika, together with key leaders. 



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I am thankful for the opportunity to invest directly into the fields and projects through IMD International with the assurance 100% going for the ministry.

Ministry Family – North Carolina

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