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The work in Uganda flowed from the work in Kenya when one of the key leaders, Ben Ndiema travelled from Mt.Elgon, over the border to Kapchorwa to invite some Ugandan pastsors to a leadership conference in Kenya.   

In September 2012, a small team travelled to BukwaUganda to train church leaders from over 13 denominations. 

We then went to Kapchorwa in 2014 with Pastor Mark Swirsky from Hope Fellowship.


From an IMD Donor:

Giving to IMD was Spirit led from the first. Now it’s a part of our giving plan. We don’t target a specific ministry or area in IMD. We have grown close with many leaders and contributors and know that the ministry leaders are lead by the Spirit and the funds are put where God would have them be – 100% of the funds. God knows more than we do where the funds should be directed. We have given to individual ministries as a sort of “gift” but this is above our normal giving and again given because 100% goes directly to the ministry. I’m amazed at what God does with our small gift – it truly multiplies as we watch the ministries of IMD grow.


"Highly recommend the message of this book!" Phil Largent
"I readily admit that it verges on the impossible to describe in any degree of adequacy the conscious, manifest presence of God... The best I possibly can hope is to put forth my personal experience backed up by Scriptural exhortation. My part is only to whet the appetite and then trust the Holy Spirit to take it from there." (p.25)