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Evangelism & Leadership Development  amongst African Independent Churches:

Our focus is north of Moamba, adjacent to the dam in the Sabie Area, next to the KrugerNational Park.  

The vision in Mozambique is that through relationships built with African Independent church leaders, we help them to make sense of the Word of God and also do evangelism in the evenings. We meet with church leaders in theSabie Area periodically and use the Heart of Man chart and Train and Multiply™, translated into Tsonga for training and evangelism purposes. 

Starting with one leader, we ended up with 25 and handed over to a Mozambiquen based missionary who took over the work for awhile, but unfortunately due to his wife dying during one of their outreaches, he had to stop. We later took up the reigns and started training the men again, visiting the area about twice a year. 

One of the things we would like to see happen is to put in boreholes and simple meeting places, using gum poles and corrugated iron. Cost is estimated at $3500 per structure.

Typical Church in Mozambique

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From an IMD Donor:

I believe in the work of IMD International because of its direct impact to unreached peoples…the only organization I know of with this direct connection to God’s commandment. My wife and I are both pleased to help spread the word of the Lord around the world and are reassured that our monies reach those intended through the meticulous work of the staff, directors and ministry partners. We gain much pleasure from having seen and heard the testimonies of those whose lives have been touched through our commitment and the teaching and training work of IMD International.


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