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IMD Africa Introduction

IMD Africa Introduction

Welcome to IMD Africa Introduction

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Our Vision:

To engage the least reached people groups and spiritually needy areas of Southern and East Africa by identifying faithful men amongst them and helping these leaders to multiply their church planting efforts. 

Our Strategy:

Using a unique solution strategy, we will come alongside:

  • The Gifted Faithful
  • The Struggling Faithful
  • The Faithful Needing Vision 
Our Current Fields:

News Letters:

Annual Farm Workers Report

Dear friends,

We do appreciate your prayers and especially the farmers and the Dutch Reformed Church in Moogophong who annually sponsor our annual farm workers conference.

About 63 workers attended this year and many of them come year after year. There have also been many first timers and every one appreciated the teaching and catering. Some of the catering staff have been there since the inception of the indaba.

Pastors Ishmael Mathebula, Johannes Mongwe and myself preached on topics that affect Christian living. We really want to see Jesus lifted on high. Holiness is not a high priority in our African churches and they desperately need a balanced view of Gods Character.

The delegates were very excited and appreciative of the word ministry and got perspective on things they didn't understand before. I believe for some it will be a life changing event. For others it will be just so much information. The feed back from small groups was encouraging.

We minister to a few thousand workers twice on each farm every month and its exciting to have a more intense time with the workers and the church can serve them with great food which by the watching the delegates eat is greatly appreciated.

My thanks to the participants. The farmers help us with a vehicle, fuel and a stipend for Johannes Mongwe to take the brunt of the ministry. Sometimes Gabriel and I help him. Johannes can preach between 8-10 times per week on the farms and still ministers at his local church as pastor. He often gets up super early to go and minister nearly every day. We have just added two additional farms which now makes a total of 15 farms and businesses we minister at. Please continue to pray for grace as this is an intense ministry.

We will also be having a farm workers conference in August (8-10) and we have some funds but are raising more to be able to serve the workers. Please pray to see how you can help. Already a church from Kentucky is helping make gifts for the conference and were looking at $3000 to help accommodate and feed the workers. These are really a neglected people and it is an honor to serve them thru teaching and serving them with food and gifts.

Please keep praying for Johannes to have strength. Winter is coming up and besides the heavy travel and preaching load it gets really cold in the morning and flu is a constant threat with this schedule.

Please also pray for our farmers and government. The land question is going to raise its head and we don't want a bread basket country which helps feed our economy and nation be destroyed by poor political decisions in the future.

Appreciate your prayers.

God bless. More news later on this exciting ministry.

Blessings Koos Basson on behalf of the IMD Africa team.

South Sudan Report

It is with great joy I share my findings in South Sudan. After hopping from Nairobi to Eldoret to Lochichogi to Toriet and Juba, we finally landed at Panyagor.


We gathered every morning as a team from 6-7am with local churches sharing in the crusade. Each day 3 of us taught the church leaders on different aspects of leadership. This was well received. I was particularly blessed by the quality of training given by Gospel Fire International.

The leaders asked us (IMD Africa) to come back to bring more biblical training. This was my purpose for going to South Sudan. I wanted to know what opportunities existed for IMD Africa to be involved in South Sudan to minister in the church and to reach unreached people groups. Here was my invitation. Peter Franz (GFI director) set up some training times for me with the local leaders.  We also discussed needs among the leadership which would lead toward their further development. I received the assurance at least 100 leaders could be gathered for training at Panyagor.  The Inter-Church committee made up of six different church leaders was very open to us coming to Panyagor in the Jungalei state for training.

We met numerous pastors and locals who speak fluent Arabic – as well as read and write it. Please pray these men (1) would have the love in their hearts for those they once fought against and (2) we will be allowed train them adequately for Muslim Evangelism in South and North.


Jesus appointed us to go. I am asking your help. Soon I will outline a plan to raise support to reach some of these nations in Africa. I will use Mt Kenya as a focal point. We will do a 5-day walk up Mt Kenya to raise awareness and money to reach the unreached and to help the church reach this dark continent full of war, corruption, tribalism, and false religions.


I’m asking YOU to help raise sponsorship for “me and a team” to walk up Mt Kenya. We will take a 5-day walk up the mountain symbolizing (1) the battle for souls in these areas and (2) the effort it will take to equip the church. Please start praying to see how God wants you involved. I'm looking at raising $20 000 so I can go back repeatedly to disciple men with a long term plan of discipleship and leader development - by God’s grace and our hard work. -

Koos and Jeni Basson on behalf of the IMD Africa team.

Namibia Report

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Mozambique Report

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Ministry Report June 2014

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Pastors take notes

Pastors take notes

Cooking lunch Kaluba

Cooking lunch Kaluba

Camp to Minister

Camp to Minister

Koos preaches at Muwele B C

Koos preaches
at Muwele B. C.

Dialog with Koos at Kaluba, Zambia

Dialog with Koos
at Kaluba, Zambia

Our Current Partners In Ministry:
  • ACE Ministries, Mokopane and Venda, South Africa
  • Agape Church, Klerksdorp, South Africa
  • Christian Church of Estes Park, Estes Park, Colorado
  • Full Contact Ministries, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Living Hope Fellowship, Lexington Kentucky
  • Parkhurst Baptist Church, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Sammy Tippit Ministries, San Antonio, Texas
  • The Lighthouse Church, Lake Jackson, Texas 

From an IMD Donor:

For five years our congregation has partnered with the godly, competent leadership of IMD International to channel resources in a manner which assists the mission of IMD to teach and train pastors in parts of the world where many of us may never venture. IMD International is a Christ-centered ministry yielding much fruit in training indigenous pastors to preach the Gospel and build the Lord's Kingdom.


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