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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Engaging the Pygmies

IMD Africa has a burden to reach into the Congo to minister to the Pygmy people and the Congolese pastors in the Lake Mweru region.

We have, through our partnership with Disciplemaking Ministry (Pastor Henry Katontoka), started churches near Puta on Lake Mweru and these churches have reached out to the pygmies and Congolese pastors. 

The Pygmies are marginalized and need recognition as a people and the pastors are in need of good training.

As a matter of interest, the Tabwa people have been classified as least reached by World Mission Centre.We engaged them in 2011 andsince then this work has grown.

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Zambia and Pygmys on the Congo Border

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From an IMD Donor:

It is such a blessing to have a part in the ministry of IMD International. We appreciate the way IMD works through the indigenous people of other nations in reaching their own countrymen with the Gospel of Christ.

Businessman & Wife - Georgia

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