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How We Minister

How We Minister

Ministry takes place as one or more teachers or trainers get involved with a gathering of pastors or church planters along with ministry leaders.  This might mean a training as brief as a one-hour elder training event.  Or, it could mean spending 2 to 4 days teaching and training from morning to evening a gathering of God’s servants – followed by repeating this format back to back in multiple locations during a 10-20 day trip.  Some trainings are as simple as a one-time event.  Others are clearly long-term commitments involving multiple teachers and trainers bringing multiple events over a few years’ time.

The international ministry opportunities are at the expense of the teachers and trainers participating. On some occasions, a small amount of funding could be available to supplement the anticipated ministry expenses on location. All such international ministries are typically arranged IN FULL by the staff of IMD International.

The great spiritual thrill acknowledged by most taking advantage of this avenue of teaching and training is the experience of ministering where the receptivity by participants is HIGH.  Most teachers are nothing short of thrilled to travel wherever to share with an audience of enthusiastic servants of God!

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From an IMD Donor:

I am thankful for the opportunity to invest directly into the fields and projects through IMD International with the assurance 100% going for the ministry.

Ministry Family – North Carolina

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