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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

IMD INTERNATIONAL is a teaching and training ministry focused on equipping a worldwide network of Master Teachers who will equip individual believers, ministry groups, leadership persons, and churches as a whole to better carry out their God-given ministry.

Vision Statement

IMD International will engage in teaching and training exercises and events in carrying out its mission.  These will be accomplished through our staff and / or our network of highly qualified teacher / trainers (gifted and called trainers of Spirit-confirmation) with whom we have a Spirit-led relationship.  

IMD International will minister throughout the world - whether or not financial compensation is available from the recipients.  Ministry may consist of single sessions, conferences, seminars, and/or personal mentoring.  These ministries may occur in short term sessions as well as over long term repeated engagements.

IMD International will fulfill its mission by assisting, encouraging, and advancing master teachers engaged in teaching and training

IMD International will engage in the development and production of teaching and training resources – electronic, print, audio, and video - to assist in carrying out its mission.



When I visit and meet with Phil, I see an impassioned man whose heart's desire is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. His energy, his empathy, his enthusiasm, and excitement all point to this cause and calling.

Thank God we get to share a place alongside men like Phil in advancing God's kingdom.

John Howeth
Associational Missionary/Church Planting Strategist in Colorado

From an IMD Donor:

It is such a blessing to have a part in the ministry of IMD International. We appreciate the way IMD works through the indigenous people of other nations in reaching their own countrymen with the Gospel of Christ.

Businessman & Wife - Georgia

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"Highly recommend the message of this book!" Phil Largent
"I readily admit that it verges on the impossible to describe in any degree of adequacy the conscious, manifest presence of God... The best I possibly can hope is to put forth my personal experience backed up by Scriptural exhortation. My part is only to whet the appetite and then trust the Holy Spirit to take it from there." (p.25)