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Other information:

Skype: imdworld

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From an IMD Donor:

We give to Koos and Jeni Basson through IMD International for 3 reasons: 1) God led us to do this after co-laboring with them for years; 2) we know that the discipleship ministry that they are involved in will reach many in some of the most remote areas on the planet; and 3) we know that they and IMD International hold to the highest standards of integrity and ministry.


"Highly recommend the message of this book!" Phil Largent
"I readily admit that it verges on the impossible to describe in any degree of adequacy the conscious, manifest presence of God... The best I possibly can hope is to put forth my personal experience backed up by Scriptural exhortation. My part is only to whet the appetite and then trust the Holy Spirit to take it from there." (p.25)